Other Tricolors

We're working with partner Bob Montoya on striped-aberrant Nelson's Milksnakes, and have bred the albino morph into that strain as well.

Other tricolors we're working with include "Applegate phase" Arizona Mountain Kings (pyros), which we first produced in 2000; albino pyros, which our animals first produced in 2001; hypo pyros, which we probably won't produce for the first time until 2003; and anerythristic pyros, which are on roughly that same timetable.

As with the Hondurans, our curiosity and enthusiasm for seeing the "never-before-seen" will motivate us to cross the four pyro morphs in a variety of ways, so that eventually we'll produce ghost, hypo, and hybino pyros and various versions of the "Applegate phase".

We're always interested in new morphs of tricolors. We'd love to hear from you if you've got something new.

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