Not every snake we sell costs $2,500, though some do. You can get pairs of 2002 hatchlings for as little as $250--pairs that might produce those same, rare, more costly snakes! Whatever project you're interested in, talk to us about ways to stay within your budget.

Many types of our snakes are sold out before eggs even begin to hatch, so it's important to act early.

(Click here to review genetics. E-mail me to discuss ways you can minimize your costs.) I've explained what you can expect from each of these budget pairs, in the paragraphs below the listings.

    Here are a couple of examples, but there are others:

  • Definite double-het for ghost Hondurans, $400/pr.

  • Definite double-het for snow Hondurans, $500/pr.

  • Possible double-het for hybino Hondurans, $250/pr.

  • Possible double-het for snow Hondurans, from pair that produced unique "yellow and white" snow, $250/pr.

    To see what this "yellow and white" snow bloodline (for the pairs immediately above and below) is all about, click here

  • Definite het/albino, possible het anerythristic, from father of "yellow and white" snow X high-yellow albino female, $250/pr.

    The definite double hets are guaranteed to be het for both the morphs that comprise that phenotype (appearance): hypo and anerythristic for ghosts, and albino and anerythristic for snows. The definite double hets will produce 1/16 of the coveted double-homozygous morphs (ghost or snow, respectively) plus some babies of each of the two single morphs involved plus some possible double hets.

    The possible double-hets for hybino have 2/3 chance of being het for hypo and 2/3 chance of being het for albino. The possible double-hets for snow, similarly, have 2/3 chance of being het for EACH of the two pertinent morphs, in this case albino and anerythristic. That means there's a 4/9 chance--almost 50-50 odds--that both members of a given pair will BE het for one of those two morphs and produce babies showing that morph, AND a 4/9 chance both will be het for the OTHER morph and produce babies showing that other morph. That's a lot of possibilities from a pair of snakes costing only $250--what you could pay elsewhere for nothing more than good tangerines. There's also 16/81 chance--about one in five--that both members of a given pair of these possible double hets will be het for BOTH morphs (that both will BE double-hets) and will produce babies showing BOTH morphs--that the pair will produce hypos and albinos and hybinos, in the case of the possible double hets for hybino, or will produce albinos and anerythristics and snows, in the case of the possible double-hets for snow.

    Of course, there's also a small chance both members of such pairs could be perfectly normal. That's why they cost much less than definite double hets.

    The definite het/albino possible het anerythristics have 50% chance of being het/anerythristic. One fourth of their babies, statistically, will be albinos, because they're definite hets. And remember, the parents producing these babies are the same parents that produced the "yellow and white" snow baby, so there's a real chance they could produce the unusual albino phase shown in the link above. Because each baby will have 50% chance of being het/anerythristic, there's a 25% chance both babies in a pair would be het/anerythristic and thus would ALSO produce anerythristics AND snows. That's quite an exciting bonus, if luck is with you, for snakes costing no more than plain het/albinos often cost.

  • If you're on a budget but want the opportunity to work with the exciting Honduran morphs, e-mail me or give me a call to see what we can work out for the project you're interested in.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

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