We doubt our animals will ever be used to repopulate the wild, but we know our captive breeding efforts diminish pressures on wild populations and foster greater appreciation of nature's wonders. We support conservation efforts worldwide. We believe in treating our customers the way we would want to be treated, and in doing all we can to assure our customers' satisfaction.


First, we sell only quality animals and then stand behind them. We've gone to great expense and effort to get the best and most genetically diverse breeding stock possible. We believe in scrupulous care for our animals and in methodical management to assure the finest possible young. We ship only animals that are feeding, and we ship them to you along with their feeding records and bloodline details.

Second, we don't use "contraband" methods of shipping in which your animals might ride for half a day in a hot or cold truck with a driver who doesn't know he's conveying life animals: that's false economy. We ship via the airlines, and we insure the shipment, and we schedule the flights carefully with you AND the airlines for the animals' safety and WE pick up any costs over $50. On orders of $1,000 or more, we pay ALL the shipping costs. We guarantee their live and healthy arrival. And THEN we guarantee your satisfaction with them for 30 days.

Third, we offer price protection: If you have an advance order and we lower our price, your price is lowered, too; if we raise our prices, your price does not increase. We'll match others' prices for animals of comparable quality and availability, so you never have to worry about paying too much.

Fourth, we do all we can to assure that you'll GET the animals you order and not be disappointed by last-minute news that they're not available. We're highly specialized: we breed from sizeable groups of the few types we advertise. And we estimate production conservatively. As a result we filled every order we took in three of the past five years, and missed by only two animals last year (yes, we had one bad year, but we learned from that!). Fulfilling everyone's orders to his or her precise desires is our goal again for 2002.

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