"Albino" Honduran Milks
Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis

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  • Amelanistic Hondurans

    All the amelanistics we'll produce in 2001 have at least a chance of carrying a gene for a second mutation; some are definitely carrying a gene for a second morph.

    Inquire re: prices. Types include:

  • Tangerine Amelanistics (from hybino project, have 2/3 chance of being het/hypo and may actually be hybinos, it's unclear right now how to distinguish between them without test-breeding). Sold out for 2001.

  • Amelanistic 2/3 chance het/hypo.

  • Amelanistic 2/3 chance het/anerythristic.

"Albinos" are actually amelanistic, or lacking black. They're big, beautiful, eager feeders whose popularity is enhanced because they can be crossed to tangerines, anerythristics, hypos and aberrants to produce even newer and more exciting varieties. They can breed for the first time at 2-3 years of age and can double-clutch.

We hatched our first amelanistics in 1997, and now breed from stock from both the Louis Porras and Brian Barczyk collections. All amelanistic hondurans originated from tri-color stock. We've worked hard to outcross to tangerine bloodlines and have produced some beautiful examples of tangerine "albinos" though supplies remain very limited.

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