2005 PRICES:


DISCOUNTS: 20% early-order discounts expired Jan 31, 10% discounts expire February 28; Discounts may be negotiated thereafter particularly for sizeable orders or for genders I have surpluses of.


TO ORDER: A 25% deposit is required to place an order. Deposits are taken to assure orders are definite and that new homes are immediately available for hatchlings (after they have shed once and fed at least twice); if the balance is not paid within two weeks of notification that eggs have begun hatching, deposits are forfeited. 


When I feel I have taken orders for all my likely production I begin a WAITLIST to keep people in order should I produce more than I am comfortable predicting.  There is no deposit or obligation associated with waitlist positions. Animals listed below are generally available except as noted but availability can change rapidly so it is always best to email or phone me first to discuss your interests and to confirm i'll have what you want.


SHIPPING: Unless and until overnight couriers change their policies to allow the shipment of live snakes properly marked and packed, I’ll ship only by air, usually Delta DASH, which costs about $72.  I pay shipping for orders of $1,000 or more, and I charge $50 for  shipping on smaller orders—I pick up the rest of the cost.


OUR PROMISE TO YOU: We ship after your animals have shed once and fed at least twice. Hatch, shed and feeding records are included with them.   Shipping is coordinated carefully for your convenience and for the animals' safety and well-being.  I guarantee your satisfaction with them for 30 days after arrival. You're always welcome to call thereafter with questions about their care, feeding, brumation, breeding, housing, etc. I want you to be successful with them.



We'll be breeding from hybino and snow and tricolor hypo and ghost and "extreme" hypo projects; note that among our production may be the world's first hybinos and triple homozygous specimens.


From hybino project:

Primary male is beautiful tangerine albino proven het/hypo Other males producing some of the babies listed here are a hypo het/albino het/anerythristic, and a very pale tangerine albino that may BE a hybino and will be test-bred this season.

Hybinos: males $3,200, females $2,800 (I have one pair on order and will put subsequent interests on the waiting list. These will be the first definite hybinos sold anywhere in the world, to the best of my knowledge)

Tangerine albinos 50% chance POSS het/hypo 25% chance POSS homozygous hypo (in which case an animal would BE hybino), $1,000 ea.  (were $1200 in 04, $1250 in 02, $1350 in 01, sold out in advance most years)  Remember these may BE hybinos. 

Tricolor albinos POSS het/hypo POSS homozygous hypo, $600 ea. (arguably our most underpriced animal because they may BE hybinos. I produce VERY few of these, most of the hybino project babies are tangerines). 

Het/albino possible het hypo, $300/pr for tangerines, $275/pr for tricolors.,

Double het for hybino, $375/pr.,

Hypo het albino, $850 ea., breeding a pair of these produces babies 1/4 of which are definite hybinos--the other 3/4 are hypos possible het albino. Other than hybino x hybino, this is the only pairing to produce hybinos that can be distinguished as soon as they hatch. Our 05 hybinos -- expected to be the first definite hybinos produced in the world -- will be produced from hypo het/albino X hypo het/albino pairings.

Triple homozygous animals, $7,500 ea. (These have never before been produced. I have an order for one; it's unlikely I would part with more than one -- if I'm lucky enough to produce any -- so subsequent interested parties will be put on a waiting list.



From snow project:

Snows are arguably the most dramatic of all the Honduran morphs, and with the exception of hybinos, are still the rarest.  I'll be breeding from my original silver-and-pink male, and from a bubblegum pink, white and yellow male.  Females include a three-color female and double-hets. 


Snows, males $2,000 ea., females $1,750 ea. (males were 2500, females 1750 in 02, 2,400 and 1,800 ea. In 03, 2,250 and 1,800 ea in 04, and sold out well in advance each year). 


Albinos het/anerythristic, $750 ea. (sold out in advance in 02 at $1,000 ea, in 04 at 900 ea) 


Anerythristics het/albino, $500 ea. (were 600 ea in 04 and sold out) I am sold out of females but can take orders for several more males at reduced price of $400 ea, or put on waiting list for pairs.


Double-hets for snow, $375/pr (were 500/pr in 02, 450/pr in 04, sold out each year)


Triple hets

I'm not yet sure I'll do the breedings to produce these. Triple het pairs can produce hypo, albino, anerythristic, snow, ghost and hybino babies!:

Triple hets, $550 ea., $1,000/pr. (Were $1k ea in 01, $800 ea in 02, $650 ea in 04, sold out in advance each year)


From Extreme Hypo project:

It's not yet confirmed that this extraordinarily-light morph, with nearly flesh-colored "dark" rings, is a simple recessive trait. Our test breedings this year should give us much more insight, and maybe an answer.

Extreme hypos, $1,000 ea.

Hypos from Extreme father X hypo female, $400 ea.

We MAY also do breedings to produce the following from the Extreme Hypo project, for future "Extreme Ghost" projects:

Hypo het/anerythristic, males $1,000, females $800 (from Extreme hypo x ghost)

Babies from Extreme hypo X anerythristic female, males $800, females $600 (will be het/anerythristic and we believe will be het for either Extreme hypo or regular hypo--or both! We'll know more after this season's test-breedings)


PYROS (all types are in very short supply):

Albinos possible het hypo: $2,000 ea; het albinos possible het hypo; $1,250/pr. albinos probably sold out so I'm keeping a waiting list; still taking orders for hets

Hypos possible het albino (Barczyk hypo strain): $1,500 ea; het hypos possible het albino, $1,000/pr Still taking orders for hypos and hets. This bloodline produced some very unusual pale orangeish-brown hypos in 2004; if more are produced in 05, they'll be available at higher prices.

Hypoerythristics ("anerythristic") $2500 ea; het for hypoerythristic $1500/pr. Sold out of hypoerythristics but adding to waiting list; probably can take another order or two for het pairs.

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