Honduran Milks
Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis

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All the hypos we'll produce in 2001 have the possibility of carrying a gene for a second morph, either albino, from our hybino pairings, or for anerythristic, from our ghost pairings.

Inquire re: prices. Types include:

  • Traditional tangerine hypos
  • "Pinstripe" and vanishing-pattern hypos

  • Tri-color hypos


Hypomelanistic hondurans are a gorgeous, waxy orange that seems to glow from within. The black bands are reduced to a dark, brownish pearl-gray. "Pinstripes" have very narrow bands that stop short of the ventral scales. Tricolors have the orange or orange-red bands alternating with narrower bands that can range from pure white to cream or yellow. Hypos tend to grow faster and breed earlier than "albinos": All three '96 hatch females we kept bred at 18 months in 1998 and two of the three double-clutched.

Hypos first occurred in 1993 in Bill and Kathy Love's "tangerine dream" line of hondurans. We hatched our first hypos, also tangerines, in 1996, but were already anticipating the beauty of tricolor hypos and began breeding towards that goal. We've subsequently produced some beautiful specimens, including pinstripe tricolors. We're particularly excited about the possibilities for the pinstripe tangerine albino, which would have most of its body colored with waxy orange and orangish-red, with only narrow pure white rings periodically punctuating those colors.

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