•'s Milk Snake Forum is THE focal point for idea exchange on milksnakes. The website's corresponding King Snake Forum is the busiest spot for exchanges of information on that subject.

  • What we think is funny -- in text and pictures. Select Monty Python & The Holy Grail, and then SCENE 9, and enjoy. Remember to use your browser's "back" button to rejoin us when you're done.

  • Brian Hubbs' new book, "Mountain Kings" -- is entertaining and informative -- a great read. Published in 2004, it incorporates Brian's years of field study with other literature, information on captive breeding, population analysis and more. If you care about Mountain Kings in the wild, you need to get, read and enjoy this definitive work.

  • -- is a new website devoted exclusively to Arizona Mountain Kingsnakes. Initiated just before the end of 2004, it should be a gathering spot for pyro fans.

  • WebRadio interview on Hondurans -- at's WebRadio site you can hear 15 to 30-minute audio interviews with Albino Tricolor's Terry Dunham, on Hondurans; Bill and Kathy Love, on Corn Snakes; Alan Tennant, on the snakes of Texas and Florida; Chad Brown on breeding herps/Seattle Seahawks and more as they're added. Lend an ear.

    Bob Applegate wrote the book on Milk Snakes. Literally: His paperback, "The General Care and Maintenance of Milk Snakes", is a must read for everyone working with tricolors. He's a pioneering herpetoculturist and the originator of the "Applegate Phase" or Candycane Arizona Mountain Kingsnake, L. p. pyro.

  • The Chicago Herp Society -- is a great organization to belong to. It features a mix of highly readable stories from around the world plus scientific articles average herpetoculturists can understand and benefit from. I'd strongly encourage you to join.

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