Orders are initiated by receipt of a 25% deposit (for orders placed the year preceding delivery, a 10% deposit is required, with the additional 15% due by Dec. 31st preceding the year of production). Your deposit assures your price (if our price goes up, you still get your animals at the lower price you ordered at; if our price goes down, we lower your price too); assures your place "in line" and your priority of choice in selecting your animals; and assures us of your commitment, so we don't tell you or others we're "sold out" when we're not.

The balance is due when the eggs begin hatching. If the balance is not received within two weeks of that notification, the deposit is forfeited. If at any time it appears we will not be able to produce your animals, we'll tell you and return your deposit.

We're conservative in estimating our production: That enabled us to fill ALL our orders in most recent years, and that's our goal again for 2002, so you're not disappointed. A few types are so rare we can't count on producing them, and we'll simply keep a no-deposit, no-obligation waiting list, or take "tentative" orders with more modest deposits and the understanding that there's significant uncertainty whether the animals will be produced.

We are approved shippers with both Delta and Continental. We ship collect by the safest air cargo method possible. When a change of planes is required, the animals are at their greatest risk due to delays on hot runways, and we'll usually require the use of Delta DASH: It's a little more costly, but much, much safer. There is no boxing charge. We'll match others' prices for animals of comparable quality and availability. We wait until babies have shed once and fed at least twice before shipping. We guarantee the delivery of live, healthy animals and we guarantee them for you for 30 days after they arrive.

Beginning with the 2002 season we are now paying all shipping costs over $50 for all orders, so that's the most you can pay, and we are paying ALL shipping costs for orders of $1,000 or more.

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