Snow, Ghost &
Other Hondurans
Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis

Ghosts, snows, and "hybinos" may already be sold out for '01 but I'm keeping a wait list in case any more appear in second clutches due to hatch in October. And there's always the possibility I'll decide to part with one or more specimens I've held back for my own future use. See Current & Future Stock or call or e-mail me for details on availability.

  • SNOW (albino and anerythristic)
    males $3000 ea, females $2000.

  • GHOST (hypo and anerythristic)
    males $2000 ea, females $1750.

    (hypo and albino)
    May already be sold out not only for this year, but for 2002 as well.
And this newest morph: TRIPLE HETS!!! (a single pair of this amazing new genotype can produce ALL Honduran possibilities: albinos, hypos, anerythristics, ghosts, snows, and hybinos! $1,000 ea.

Some of the most exciting Honduran varieties are yet to be seen. In 1998 we produced the first snow hondurans ("albino" and anerythristic double-mutations) and their unique appearance has fulfilled the hopes for those animals. There's a report of a dramatic snow, produced from a double-het male we sold, that has paired yellow rings in the areas that are normally black. In 1999, we produced our first ghost (hypomelanistic and anerythristic double-mutations). And in 2000 we may have produced the first hybinos: test-breedings of those beautiful tangerine-albino young, which could happen as early as 2002, will tell us if that's the case. Phenotypes we're still looking forward to include the pinstripe tangerine-albino and the pinstripe ghost, among others.

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